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Asia Pacific Training

CBON group Asian TrainingSince 1989, our professional color and image consultant training school has certified hundreds of graduates in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Japan, Korea and China. As I am a Chinese/Japanese American, I quickly fell in love with the countries of my ethnic origin and of course, its wonderful people.  Our best-selling color and image guidebook is in four languages, English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese, which has made it possible to attract a large number of students from this part of the world.

We have provided color and image training to groups from Osaka and Tokyo, Japan and Pusan, Korea. In 1990, we established our school in Tokyo, and have been offering our courses continuously since then. Many of our graduates have established their image consulting careers in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.  For more information on our training offered in the Asia Pacific region, please email us at, and we will be happy to send you a training packet.