Donna Fujii Institute

Your Career as an Image Professional

More and more individuals and businesses are coming to recognize the impact that image making can have on their bottom lines - success and profits.

The image profession has evolved with the growing needs and expectations of its clientele. Now, image making includes new and exciting issues such as non-verbal communications and attitude.

Since 1978, I have devoted myself to helping others to reach their potential by maximizing their image. My Book, Color With Style, is in its 8th printing and 4th language edition and still going strong. I am very proud to have received an IMMIE (Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence) Award in 1992 from the Association of Image Consultants International, in recognition of my multiethnic personal color analysis system, the Donna Fujii Color System.

Our Professional Training courses will teach you everything you need to now to start or upgrade your own image business - just as our consultants have been enjoying great success around the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

All graduates of our course will receive a Certificate of Graduation, which will earn them recognized CEU units, qualify them to practice the Donna Fujii Color System, and to purchase our hand-made fabric color fans and our line of unique professional image consulting tools.

I welcome you to join our international family of highly satisfied and successful image experts.

All my best,

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