Donna Fujii Color | African Color Categories


She has the warm, deep glow of copper. Her skintone is definitely warm, with a distinct golden brown undertone, and ranges in the darker values, from medium yellow brown to dark golden brown. Her hair color is dark brown or black. Her palette is bright, clear, and vivid, and never muddy or dull.

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She is characterized by her cool, deep and dark skintone, which can range from dark brown to blue black. Her hair color is black or black with gray. She must avoid warm yellow based colors and light pastel colors or her skin can appear ash-like. Her palette is decidedly cool, deep and intense. She looks great in jewel-tone, rich, darker colors.

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Her distinctive feature is her light skin color with yellow undertone which can go from light yellow brown to light golden brown. Her hair color can range from golden blonde and red to medium brown. Her color palette is yellow-based and it works beautifully for her because it blends nicely with her very warm coloring. Her palette ranges all the way from muted to saturated warm colors.

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She has a light to medium skintone, and black hair coloring. Her skin is cool and has a rose brown undertone, and can range from light to medium brown. Her skin tone can sometimes easily be mistaken as warm, but her best colors are definitely cool-based. Her palette contains the full range of light to dark cool-based colors, except the icy pastels.

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