Donna Fujii Color | Asian Color Categories


Her skintone is very light, fair and pale. Her hair color is cool brown such as rose brown or burgundy brown or it can be a soft black. Silver and white hair with a light or medium olive skintone can also be in this category. Cool, blue-based pastels and muted colors are prominent in her palette. Her overall look is very soft, gentle and delicate.

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She has a unique look which is neither cool nor warm. Her skintone has a pink, or slightly yellow undertone, and can range from pink or ivory, to slightly olive with a yellowish cast. Her hair color can be a medium to dark brown. Due to her lukewarm skintone, the Horizon woman has the versatility of looking great in either cool or warm clear tones.

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Her distinctive feature is her dramatic blue black hair. Her skintone color is medium to dark olive. She sun tans easily. The colors in her palette have rich, dark values, and are cool, pure, and intense. As such, they flatter the striking depth of her hair color.

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She is distinguished by her black-and-gray, or black-and-white hair, and olive complexion. Her olive skintone would allow her to wear some of the bright, vivid colors of the Starlight palette, but since she is a mature woman, she prefers colors that are dusty, more conservative and less bright than the Starlight palette.

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Her skin is milky-white and her hair is black. She generally has a cool, light skintone with a pink undertone, but her skin may also have a slightly warm cast, such as beige. Her cool, rich palette blends beautifully with the coolness of her skintone and contains very light and very dark values, perfect for her high contrast look.

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She has the warm glow of the summer sun, from the medium yellow beige or yellow olive of her skin, to her warm brown hair. She sun tans easily. Her skin has a yellow undertone, and her hair color can be a medium to dark brown, or it can also be black. Her palette is warm, bright, and intense.

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She is characterized by her light, warm look. Her skin has a pink or yellow undertone, and can range from a light with pink, to a warm ivory or light yellow beige. Her hair color can be honey blonde, light brown to copper red, usually colored. Her palette has warm to lukewarm colors that are light and fresh.

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She has the very warm look of a golden desert sunset. She has a darker, golden bronze skintone, and orange brown to black hair, sometimes giving her a Polynesian look. She tans instantly and can get very dark. Her palette is very warm and moderately dark in tone which blends well with her warm overall look and skin tone.

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She is characterized by her brown hair, which may be blended with gray or white. She is mature and has a preference for the more subdued hues and a more conservative look, even though brighter, more intense hues would also look great on her. Her palette is warm, because warm hues are the most flattering to her warm hair coloring and overall look.

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