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Donna is an internationally-renowned speaker and seminar presenter who has for years dazzled groups and employees in all parts of the US and across the Asia Pacific region.

We are pleased to offer a variety of seminars on Color, Style, Image and Non-Verbal Communications for groups of individuals or for businesses. We can also custom-design a seminar or program of seminars just for your needs. Let us apply our expertise and ability to connect with each participant in a group to make a difference for you or your company.

Upping Your Image I.Q.  – 1 hour

Using a combination of a Power Point presentation and live demonstrations, Donna will demonstrate the importance of your personal appearance and image and how to use your personal image as a powerful tool to enhance your opportunities for success in your chosen endeavor.  By focusing on the skillful use of color, style and wardrobe,  we set out to help you to create your best overall image for any occasion.

We will also cover the topic of how design, line, proportion and scale can affect the appearance of different body shapes, as well as how the use of dramatic impact colors can affect persons of different coloring.   The end result is that participants will become better, more selective consumers of clothes by making better wardrobe choices, saving them time and money.

Colors Make All The Difference - 1 hour

Colors can be your best friend or worst enemy.  Your best colors will make you look healthy, cheerful and beautiful, whiles bad colors can make you appear sick or tired and bring out unflattering lines and shadows on your face.  Knowing the power colors can have on your appearance, why not make they work for you rather than against you? Buying you best colors costs no more than buying your worst colors, so what are you waiting for?

This class will focus on helping you learn to identify your best and worst colors for your natural skin tone and hair coloring.  Donna will demonstrate the powerful visual effect of colors using fabrics, clothing and accessories on volunteers from the audience. The audience will participate in deciding which colors look best and worst on any given person.  At the end of the seminar, most participants will be able to understand

1) the difference between cool and warm colors,
2) which criteria to consider when choosing between different colors, 
3) how different colors can have a different impact on people,  and
4) that not all colors are good for them and how to be more selective in choosing colors while shopping. 

We would be pleased to anwer any questions about these seminars so please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Corporate Seminars

In business, your personal image does matter. Business is built on relationships, and new business relations are made every day.  In order to build a long-lasting business relationship, it takes years, but a weak image can ruin it before you even get started.

A well-dressed work force will set a high standard and set your business apart from the others. A good business image translates to the bottom line – better business relationships result in better and more profitable business.

Our corporate image classes are dynamic, interactive, and fun, and they do wonders for the morale of the company. Take advantage of our high-powered seminars and you company is on its way to the next level.

Seminar 3:  The Power of Your Image - 2 hours

Topic to be covered:

• Learning the significance of first impressions – the first 30 seconds
• Learn what message your clothes convey about you. 
• Dressing for PTA (Place, Time and Appropriateness)
• What are the best styles for the different body shapes
• How to build a business wardrobe, and what are your investment pieces
• How to dress business casual
• Building a core wardrobe and what not to wear
• What are your best colors 
• How to dress from daytime business to evening business 
• How to dress to work towards career advancement
• Personal grooming and makeup tips

Seminar 4:  The Power of Non-Verbal Communication - 2 hours

Being well-dressed is only part of your total image package. Looking great can creat great first impression but then what happens after the first 30 seconds?

Therefore, effective and non-verbal communication is an important part of your overall image.  The way we listen, move and react are all signals we send to others.  Through non-verbal communicate we can display our sense of trust, anger, confusion, interest, fear, confidence, sarcasm, intimacy etc.  How close we sit, how loud or fast we talk, how we sit, how we look, hand gestures are all body languages that effective communicators should learn to understand and convey.

Topics to be covered:

• Proper introductions, business cards exchange
• What are non-verbal communication  and  awareness of your bad habits such as finger  pointing
• Proper dining etiquette: American, European and Asian styles
• What topics should you avoid in business
• Successful business networking skills
• Business correspondence
• Telephone manners
• Email etiquette

We would be pleased to anwer any questions about our corporate seminars so please feel free to contact us by clicking here.